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A question for Andreas Oberg

saulekassaulekas New
edited April 2006 in Technique Posts: 2
Hi, Andreas,
first, I would like to say that i really love your playing. When I first saw you playing a minor blues on an archtop a few weeks ago in the videoclip I was very inspired. I have never seen any jazz guitarist with such an INCREDIBLE technique and i've seen quite a lot of them. I got very inspired, because one of my goals is also to have such a great technique. I need it in order to be able to handle fast tempos, when I play with other musicians. There are countless discussions in jazz guitar forums about this topic, but I would really appreciate to read some thoughts from YOU about technique and what do you think is important for a guitarist to do to develop his technique. I have never seen Pat Metheny or Pat Martino playing so fast and clean like you do. I know, that the most important thing is to make music, but I would really love to improve my technique(my tool) to make better(?) music:)

Best wishes,
Saulius, Lithuania


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