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    This whole thread is a bit bizarre. Luca's technique above looks great but I have heard him play better. Darius just in case you don't know IS the other guitarist and i have been in a room with him with and a bunch of other players and his sound cut through better than anyone (He was playing a GJ guitar). His right wrist may not be as curved as Luca but he gets great projection. One of the reasons I also find this thread odd is Darius has such good technique i wonder if he is too removed from the process and is mostly concerned with getting better notes now (not saying his note choice is poor, far from it, just saying as we grow we continue to look for more options and often leave technique out of equation if we are comfortable with what we have).

    Hi Craig thanks for sharing your input and this anecdote. It was a fun jam, I remember!

    My post never meant to say that technic doesn't matter. It means first and foremost that technic in its physical aspect (which involves the use of muscles) should always be at the service of a musical idea.

    My post is an invitation to musicians who are overwhelmed with technical exercices, to clean up their daily routine by clarifying what they are trying to say.
    As an illustration, If trying to sound like Django, I wouldn't consider mandatory to practice the hexatonic scale in groups of 7, and explore different combinations of downstroke and reststrocke.

    It is my way to say music first.

    Happy labor day man!
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    I wasn't going to divert any more energy to this, but after this mornings little gem, seen below, I'm going to step in again and defend myself. If you have something to say, have the bravery and depth of character to say it publicly.

    “Hi leftyboy, you seem to have common sense.

    For that reason, I strongly encourage you to use it by reading and making an effort to understand someone's opinion before making bold, senseless, distracting and out of topic statements about it.
    I understand that at some point in this group conversation, your ego accidentally got hurt, which explains your tergiversation. There is unfortunately nothing I can do about this.

    I wish you the very best in your musical journey.

    Attached below is a snapshot as well.

    you're changing your narrative man. you're now claiming that your talking about extraneous theoretical concepts when the reality is that your topic is "right hand technic matter". let's first breeze past the fact that the word you're searching for is technique, not technic. don't try to rewrite what you're trying to say from the very beginning that people focus too much on rest stroke picking, that was the whole point of your thread, why try to say otherwise?

    why call me boy? that's a cute, nice little way to insult without seeming too brazen.

    you mention my ego getting hurt,what’s odd about that statement is that you didn't attack me with your original post, I spoke out because I believe you are simply incorrect. there's no emotional attachment until now, while defending myself simply because it doesn't seem right to lay down over being insulted. you happen to be the one to post a snide response, then go ahead and send a private message almost 24 hours later. clearly, you're the one with the bruised ego, not me.

    "to say that anyone aspect of being a complete musician is unimportant is foolhardy, arrogant and ignorant."
    _ No idea where you get that from.

    Where do I get that from? Your posts topic is calling into question an important facet of technique. That’s where I get it. The threads topic, clear as day.

    "the key difference between me and you is that I would not dare profess myself an expert"
    _ No idea where you get that from.

    Here’s where I get it from, you say on a different thread that you were putting together teaching materials for this style, which leads me to believe you consider yourself an expert. Oh, you also claimed on that thread you were new to the forum and another member kindly called you out for being there for years, just there under a new name.

    I may be a little new in this community, but I know plenty of players in the town you live and have heard enough to know you should be focusing on building bridges rather than burning them.

  • ChrisMartinChrisMartin Shellharbour NSW Australia✭✭ Di Mauro x2, Petrarca, Genovesi, Burns, Kremona Zornitsa & Paul Beuscher resonator.
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    LeftyKevan I agree. There is a certain type that frequents internet forums that will post a controversial statement, and then when enough criticism comes back will try to rewrite it to change the meaning. They are usually the same ones who will then post personal attacks as their best form of defence.
    Actually my take on this is that some DO get too hung up on technique which gets in the way of the free-thinking creativity that gave us Django in the first place, and often those same people are the ones who have some of their own teaching methods to sell, but at least I am honest enough to say what I think and thick-skinned enough to not care if anyone disagrees.
  • First and foremost pardon my French...and thanks for correcting my typo about "technique", I appreciate that.

    The private message I sent you was meant for this out of topic conversation not to be a distraction for everyone else, I mentioned it. You obviously didn't understand that either.

    You clearly only seized my post as an occasion to express your personal frustration:

    "Gipsy jazz is my opinion about the right hand technic controversy, let me know what you think, and what yours is, if any :)"

    Since when sharing an opinion about something makes you a master?
    I have never entitled myself this way, and I do not understand why you think I am doing so. This is once again, out of topic, inappropriate and senseless.

    It seems to be a trend for some to express fake modesty such as " well that's all I'm saying' yo, but I don't know man...who am I anyway to say...blah blah..." sorry not sorry, I don't have time to play this game.

    You also seem to confuse confidence with arrogance. These are two very different things. Look them up.

    I still haven't figured out why people like you make such an active effort to deconstruct any view or opinion being shared about subjects that concerns everyone. Any clue?

    I wish more people could start to see this forum as a great opportunity to express all ideas, and views about music, without censuring each others. Also share what they know with others, ask questions about what they don't know, or simply share in my case what has been positive in their learning experience... It should be as simple as that. It is not.

    Once again, the problem is always the same, music brings us together, ego sets us apart.

    Regardless of your deconstructive and offensive contribution to this post, I don't have any problem with you. Bridges will burn only if you can't handle a simple exchange of ideas.

    If we were to meet up someday, I am quite certain that you and I could actually agree on more things than it seems here.

  • LeftyKevan I agree. There is a certain type that frequents internet forums that will post a controversial statement, and then when enough criticism comes back will try to rewrite it to change the meaning.

    I have just figured out where you two got lost and why you say that I am changing my speech when I am not.

    My post starts on the right hand technique controversy.

    However the moral of my post, is to warn musicians not to fall into a physicalist approach of learning music. Not to forget that art is first and foremost the expression of a mental process or activity, and cannot be summed up to muscle activity. Right hand, left hand, right foot, doesn't matter.

    For more informations please read the OP again. Everything is there.

    Any question or comment, you can post here or contact me directly.


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    I think everyone is different. Some people need to focus on musicality more than others, and some need to focus on technique more than others to get the sound that they want to out of their instrument. Etc, etc. Everyone is different. It's all good. Some people LIKE to work on technique and study well as musicality. That's their business, and it doesn't hurt their musicality, in fact it enables and facilitates it. Conversely, poor technique limits their musical expression, especially in this genre which tends toward break-neck tempos.
  • It would be good if everyone who is feeling elevated on this topic could take a deep breathe and reflect on the fact that everyone takes their own path and everyone is entitled to their opinions. Ad hominem attacks only create antipathy not good discussion.

    Expert teachers are often not the best players and the best players are often not the best teachers. Different skill sets entirely. Classical music and now some mainstream jazz often focus on technique as flawless technique. Technique is not artistry, though good technique can assist artistry and open doors for broader expression
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
  • Bones wrote: »

    Thank you so much for bringing clarity and this positive energy in this conversation. I fully support this statement. Wise words.
  • Jazzaferri wrote: »

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Your considerations about technique reminded me of Immanuel Kant, and yes, you can take this as a huge compliment.
    These ideas can be largely profitable to this community, and to anyone, regardless of the level.
    I would like very much to get a chance to dive deeper with you on a discussion focused on performers and teachers skill sets.
    This is an excellent subject.
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