Cigano GJ-10 in Superior Deluxe Gypsy Jazz Case...doesn't fit!



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    I tried to grabbed a few photos of the top and neck. In the first pic you can see how the top is sort of rounded by the neck to the sound hole. Then the top flattens out where the bridge is. In the next photos, I uses ruler just for some perspective. I also got a couple of shots of the neck. From what I've goggled, the neck bump at the body seems to be a common thing among Asian GJ guitar. I mentioned earlier that it fretted out at the 12th fret when I got it but since then I've been humidifying for the last couple of weeks it doesn't do that any more.

    What's the medical assessment?

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    That neck looks to be really bowed. That's probably more important than the partially sunken top.

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    Yes indeed as pdg says, that upward curve on the neck needs to come down. Righty-tighty on the truss rod allen key a half turn, leave it for a bit, play the guitar, then check to see how it is. Keep going with quarter turns, a little at a time. At the moment, the strings are pulling the neck up far too much. You'll need to loosen the strings plenty to get the allen key into the soundhole. The guitar top looks fine to me - it has a good amount of 'bombe' and the angle of the strings over the bridge is ok. If in any doubt, take it to a good guitar shop or luthier and they will sort it out no problems.

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    Sadly I don't have my Cigano anymore but that bridge certainly looks a lot higher than mine, I'm sure the one I had was flush with the moustache pieces at the bottom, so this looks like a likely cause for the case lid not closing. From the pictures, I'd say that the guitar is overdue a proper set up and if through that you can get the bridge lowered that could solve your problem.

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    That's hoping that the truss rod is functional and the low price doesn't have to do something with it and the subsequent bow. Hopefully it was just neglected.

    Top flattening below the bridge is normal, happens because of the string downforce.

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    Thanks guys for your feedback.

    I tried the truss rod but it's really tight...pretty unmovable actually but I just tried it quickly to see what it was like.

    So, if the neck is flatter, won't the strings bottom out @ the 12th fret? I'm guessing that the truss rod won't bring the center of the neck up to be flat but would allow the head stock to lower. I imagine the end goal is to have the neck at the same angle as the fret board that is on the body which would create a shallower string angle and result in a lowered bridge.

    Does anybody know a good luthier in Toronto Canada who is good for these guitars?

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