Django's Pick Revealed!!



  • gpacettigpacetti ✭✭
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    This reply is to generate some interest in the Tortoise shell alternative pick I've developed. I need some folks to try out a couple of these guys......They're made from Muskox Horn an incredibly beautiful robust material. Personally I really like the picks......for me they are best 2.25 to 2.75mm thick at a medium size.
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    then go to Gregs' Shop Log,,,,,,,,,my Blog
  • alberto250579alberto250579 pordenone italy✭✭✭
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    i found a video...les paul is talking about a selmer he recived from django...he show the guitar and a pick...not shure it is django's pick...but it seems les paul take it from the bag where the guitar maybe!? ... re=related
  • BaggyBaggy New
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    Greeting, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post.
    About 2 months ago I saw a Gypsy pick on ebay but it was not mentioned that it was tortoise shell. It was aquired when the seller of the pick bought a 1932 Selmer guitar and 2 like picks were in the case, both are dark clear orange and at least .5mm or more. The thickness matches with a quarter,nickle,penny stacked.
    Needless to say, I bought it. I am new to Gypsy guitar but have been playing guitar for a while.I tested the picks with a red hot needle tip, no smoke and no smell of glue burning, so it's the real thing.
    The thing that got me so excited was that when I opened the Django_pick.pdf file, it was my exact pick, so I opened the pdf which shows the true size of the pick and mine fit right over it, but mine had a little more point.
    It seems I have the real thing, though I'm totally unworthy, but it is the best pick I've used and had no problem at all dealing with the thickness, now I've grown to really like it! It's very heavy and is capable of hitting the string like a hammer on a bell if you want it to, but also sounds very warm, yet has volume and there is no click when the pick grabs the string so it seems to be built for speed.
    I just took pictures of the pick to post it but will have to send it to photobucket first so I can send the url tomorrow.
    This is a great site and I'm so glad I found it.
    Thank you
  • Ha, I saw this thread about half an hour ago and I figured I'd try making one of these picks. I opened the PDF and made it full size (assuming the letter was a4). I traced it and cut a piece of 2.5mm rosewood into the shape (I didn't have anything thicker inside) then I sanded to the outline and sanded the bevel (holding the pick not the sandpaper). Then I used wet-and-dry paper to smooth it out and I'll probably seal it tomorrow.

    First impressions - I love it! I'd been playing with a standard pointy pick beforehand (one I made out of the same wood) and it felt a bit clunky. This pick feels like I'm stroking it with a feather!

    It's easy to make, and within 10 minutes it's become my favourite pick! Thanks guys!
  • Btw I made the square one not django's. As he mentions the size I assume he traced them?
  • altonalton Keene, NH✭✭ 2000 Dell'Arte Long Scale Anouman, Gadjo Modele Francais, Gitane DG-330 John Jorgensen Tuxedo
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    I am reviving a somewhat old thread here, but it is an interesting one nonetheless (also my first post, too). I have been playing for 25 years, but am new to playing Gypsy jazz. I began my adventure in January with Michael's book and a Wegen Fatone. One day in February, I was at the shop of my friend Jim Mellinchuk (who is a very talented luthier), where I met MarkA, who introduced me to the Wegen Button (I am also thankful to have been able to play his vintage DiMauro and his absolutely beautiful ALD - thanks Mark!). My first thought about the Button was, "Now this is interesting. It makes my pretty lame La Pompe a little less lame. I should buy one sometime." Over the next few months, the Fatone made me appreciate the feel and tone of ridiculously thick picks for lead and rhythm, so I figured the next logical step would be a Wegen 7. I ordered one from Michael about three weeks ago, and for fun, I finally ordered a Button also. Well, in about an hour, the Button became my preferred pick for not only rhythm, but lead too. The 7 and the Fatone sat there for a week untouched. After the Button they were way too...pointy. The blunt edge and bevel of the Button create a warm round tone that to my ears is close to Django's early tones. Arpeggios are smoother and easier. However, I missed the thumb indent and grip of the Fatone. So I got an idea. Why not reshape the tip of the 7 like the Button? Michel Wegen tells you how to reshape his picks on his site. After a few days and some tweaking, I have what I think is an amazing sounding and feeling pick!

    I guess my point in posting on this thread is - has anyone else had an experience like this with a Button or similar blunt pick? They seem to be sold as rhythm picks exclusively, but I think that they are fine lead picks as well. And has anyone else messed around with reshaping picks?
  • DaveycDaveyc
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    Interesting talk,before I started in on the genre gypsy jazz a month ago I decided to make some picks out of a wood called Osage orange(hedge). And had been playing with my fingers and thumb only. I thought might as well make my own pick so this is all good talk as I want to build my own gypsy jazz guitar here soon. Just out of curiosity who plays gypsy jazz with just there fingers and thumb? And I think I should be proficient with my instrument whether with fingers or plectrums, make them or buy them :) I believe Django would be able to tear it up with whatever he got a hold of.
  • wimwim ChicagoModerator Barault #503 replica
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    I'm pretty sure Django only played with that old house brick for the early years of his career, and then changed to the gator grip 1.5mm sometime in the mid 1930s
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  • Mac DavidMac David
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    Robin Nolan has been working with Martin Taylor who played with Stephane Grappelli for many years. Stephane gave Martin a pick of Djangos' that he had played with. Robin and Martin took it to a shop with a laser scanner and 3D printer and they have made exact 3D copies of Djangos pick. It looks large and blunt. They made the 3D copy software available to those that signed up for one of their music courses. I have several of Robin's books, they are excellent
  • EricLopezEricLopez California
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    alton wrote: »
    Michel Wegen tells you how to reshape his picks on his site.

    Hi Alton,

    Where are you seeing this on his site? I can't find it anywhere.
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