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MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
edited December 2013 in Welcome Posts: 5,893
Greetings everyone....

As you've probably have noticed, I've upgraded the forum to a new format. The new software is quite a bit more user friendly and includes a number of features which should make our discussions here more engaging.

1) Youtube links do not require any BBCode to display. Just post the link and it will embed automatically!

2) Notifications: When mentioning another user, precede their name with the "@" symbol and the forum will notify that user of the post (i.e. @django is playing in New York this weekend!)

3) Reactions: you can react to a post with one of four reactions below each message ( i.e. Funny, Wow, Scholarly, Artistic.) A nice way to give feedback without having to compose a full post.

4) Badges: Awards for number of posts, length of membership, etc.

5) Social login: You can use your Facebook, Twitter, Google, and OpenID accounts to login.

6) Autosave: no more lost posts as the software will automatically save your drafts every minute or so.

7) Mobile Skin: Read all the latest Gypsy jazz news on your iPhone with ease!

Nearly all of the data from the old forum was imported successfully. There was an issue with the attachments, so a few of those may not work. If you find one with a dead link, let me know and I'll restore it.

Please let me know how you like the new format. I'm still optimizing it, so any suggestions are appreciated.





  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
    Posts: 1,138
    Hey Michael, my first reaction is: aaaarghhhh yuck! But I'll give it a few days to settle in ...
  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
    edited December 2013 Posts: 1,138
    And I get an error like

    Unknown column 'FirstCommentID' in 'field list'|Gdn_Database|Query|update GDN_Discussion `Discussion` set DateLastComment = :DateLastComment, FirstCommentID = :FirstCommentID, LastCommentID = :LastCommentID, CountComments = :CountComments where DiscussionID = :DiscussionID

    when I posted..
  • PassacagliaPassacaglia Madison, WI✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,413
    Michael, sorry man, but have to agree - don't like this new format at all. Your site and you've certainly done more than your share in creating and maintaining this resource, so complaining is a bit, petulant, I guess. But I find the format just plain Yooglie and not user-friendly at all.

    pas encore, j'erre toujours.
  • PassacagliaPassacaglia Madison, WI✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,413
    Ha! Sorry for the multiple posts, but I got the same error message as Wim, and I couldn't see any posts made. Well - that would be Exhibit 1, for me.

    pas encore, j'erre toujours.
  • pickitjohnpickitjohn South Texas Corpus, San Antonio, AustinVirtuoso Patenotte 260
    Posts: 936
    Hope to see the Kinks worked out, same as Wim and Paul.
    My inserted picture which took some time to find never previewed and post only had upload address.
    What happened to emotions?
    How do you find New Post?

    pick on

  • MatteoMatteo Sweden✭✭✭✭ JWC Modele Jazz, Lottonen "Selmer-Maccaferri"
    Posts: 370
    It looks new, modern, a leap forward, but everything doesn't seem to work fully yet. I can imagine that you're doing all sorts of things to make it function as good as intended. Bon courage! There are always problems with major upgrades.

    One thing I was wondering, is there a way to jump directly to the last, newest, comment in a thread? It seems that there's no longer an option to display threads in a reverse chronological order, which was very useful.
  • MatteoMatteo Sweden✭✭✭✭ JWC Modele Jazz, Lottonen "Selmer-Maccaferri"
    Posts: 370
    I have the same problems that pickitjohn reported: the main page doesn't update, I get an error message when I post, and also, the field for writing comments doesn't empty when a comment has been published, so I had to erase my former comment to write another one. I too wish you good luck!
  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
    Posts: 1,138
    the mouseover icons are distracting, the avatars and usernames being in the same column as the posts is distracting and visually inferior to the old view I think
    emoticons are there on the right though :)>-
  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
    Posts: 1,138
    oh, actually the emoticons are broken too :)>- that was meant to be the peace sign one
  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 5,893
    wim wrote: »
    Hey Michael, my first reaction is: aaaarghhhh yuck! But I'll give it a few days to settle in ...

    I figured it may be a shock for people at first, if for no other reason then being so used to how the old software worked. Give it time. I'll be tweaking it as we go along so I think it will grow on you.
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